What is ITAM?

End-to-end tracking and management of IT assets are known as IT asset management (ITAM). It ensures that all IT assets are deployed, maintained, and performed following the WEEE Directive and data protection rules.

Overall, ITAM entails a number of procedures, including inventory gathering, upkeep, and correct disposal. At Computer Waste London, we have created a robust ITAM as an IT asset management services system supervised and maintained by professionals.

Our business wants to offer cutting-edge IT asset management services to lessen landfill waste and preserve customers’ critical data. We can monitor and maintain the whole lifecycle of IT equipment, from use until the day of expiration, thanks to our robust and organized ITAM system.

How does ITAM work?

Generally, this process is always performed by IT asset management service providers. The following steps are included in the ITAM process, which is carried out by Computer Waste London using software solutions:


  • Identification of Assets: We compile a thorough inventory of every IT hardware. Every piece of IT equipment is given an identifier based on its type, manufacturer, and date of issuance at IT asset management UK. This identification later aids in tracking each piece of equipment independently.


  • Tracking: Here, we utilize tools or software that are specifically designed to keep track of each piece of equipment. Financial charges, contractual information (warranties, licenses, and service level agreements), and inventory information (location and condition of the assets) are all included in the tracking (hardware) by asset management IT support London.

Maintenance: We maintain, repair, upgrade, and replace each IT asset under its lifecycle stage.

Why is IT asset management important?

Businesses of all sizes and in all sectors can easily maintain track of their assets, whether they are liquid or fixed, with the help of asset management. Employees will be aware of the assets’ location, intended use, and status of any modifications. Additionally, this greatly improves the check-in and check-out process.

What is the purpose of IT asset management?

Giving your team visibility to your assets may be the most significant benefit of IT asset management. Again, monitoring all of your assets provides you the opportunity to secure and safeguard them, which is essential for your cybersecurity efforts.

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