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We recycle almost every electronic item with a plug or battery.

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At Computer Waste London, As much as you dislike trash accumulation, so do we. We despise the existence of trash, yet we must find a good solution to deal with it because it will inevitably exist.

You can think of us as your welcoming neighborhood; our team is always on the scene to take care of your trash and give you a breath of fresh air, which we know you need. We know that managing rubbish can be difficult, particularly when accumulated over time. We went above and beyond to simplify your life just for this reason.

We arrange for one of our fully-tracked vehicles to collect your old computers and IT equipment in most areas of London and the South East. After which, they are safely and securely brought back to our base in Surrey for data wiping and reconditioning. For even greater security, we track and unmark all of our cars.The Computer Waste London – IT, monitor, printer, and telecoms recycling service ensures that your old computers and IT equipment are fully repaired and resold after any remaining data on your media has been securely erased

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