Computer Recycling

Computer Recycling

Computer recycling services UK refers to the repair and reuse of old laptops and desktop computers. According to the requirements, the wasted pieces of equipment are first disassembled manually or using machines, and then they are recycled to create new goods or things.

Some computer parts, including screens, monitors, keyboards, motherboards, mice, and central processor units, are recycled and reprocessed to create whole new products or are utilized in the construction of additional computers. However, the components’ functionality is unaffected in any manner by being disassembled.

The UK is experiencing a rapidly expanding excess of computers and other electronic components due to planned obsolescence, rapid technological advancement, and low initial cost. For these reasons, computer recycling should be considered a key strategy in the fight against e-waste.

Why Need Computer Recycling?

We recognize the urgent demand for computer recycling in north London. New tools and equipment are being introduced regularly due to ongoing advancements and innovations in the field of information technology. Therefore, the rapid advancement of technology has caused an alarming rise in e-waste.

E-waste dumped in landfills contaminates the environment in addition to taking up space. Lead, Cadmium, Mercury, Lithium, and other dangerous elements from e-waste that are dumped in landfills combine with the air, water, and food, ultimately harming all living things, including humans.Iron, silver, and gold are among the precious materials that are wasted due to improper IT disposal. Therefore, computer recycling in London, UK, is crucial in maintaining the valuable components of e-waste.

The Computer Disposal London in Steps


Customers or users typically contact a computer recycling business in your area to dispose of their outdated technology. The recycling businesses grab the dumped devices from the doorsteps once the collection is scheduled.

For this, certified businesses with a good logistical system include Computer Waste London. Our satellite-tracked vehicles transport the equipment to the collecting facility securely.

Our IT recycling London inserts its customized containers to dispose of outdated technology at the business level, such as in schools. When they are full, we swap them out for the empty ones to continue the cycle.


This is a necessary first step since whenever a collection comes into our area, it is sorted before continuing with the IT recycling London processes. The equipment’s type and condition may also be considered while categorizing. That is how it would be easy to categorize computer recycling in London. 


The desktops and laptops are tested again to ensure their functionality after being sorted. Finally, the surplus equipment is in excellent enough shape to be renovated, donated, or sold with minimum effort.

However, we perform a memory wash on the apparatus before donation or resale to permanently erase any data from the storage components. Testing determines the type of treatment to apply to the gathered equipment.

Audit Trail

An audit trail is created based on testing, and it further directs the recycling, refurbishing, or destruction of an IT item.


We employ powerful shredders that have received approval to shred computers into unrecoverable bits. To minimize landfill formation, action is conducted. Some gadgets are also destroyed at the request of clients to delete their data permanently. Using our hard drive destruction service nearby, you can permanently delete your data from a redundant device.


We offer a certificate of destruction to ensure the transparency of our electronic computer recycling in London.

Can computers be recycled?

Yes, Almost every component of your computer, including the glass, plastic, metal, and circuit board parts, can be recycled. For instance, the circuit board of your computer is made of copper and silver, while the microprocessor is covered in gold.

What parts of a computer can be recycled?

Recyclable materials include the glass and plastic in the monitor, the plastic and metal in the keyboard and mouse, the plastic or aluminum case, the wiring, the CD-ROM drive, the ray tube, the power cord, the circuit board, the batteries, and the printer cartridges. Computers have extremely few materials that cannot be recycled.

Does Apple recycle old computers?

There’s a high possibility that your device still has more to offer, even if you believe you’ve used all of its features. Apple offers free device recycling to its customers. As a result, we can protect precious resources and lessen the rate of resource depletion on the globe.

Is it safe to recycle computers?

Despite the variety of materials, most computers may be recycled or used again without risk. Properly disposing of your electronic waste can avoid landfilling it and contributing to harmful environmental damage.

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