Secure Data Destruction

Data destruction is the removal of information or records from a storage medium using various tools and techniques.

Secure Data Destruction

Data destruction is the removal of information or records from a storage medium using various tools and techniques. To destroy/remove the data from the storage devices, Computer Waste London, a licensed supplier of IT recycling and Secure Data Destruction Services in the UK, employs approved tools and techniques.

We are concerned that, along with other cutting-edge innovations, the rate of cybercrime has escalated in today’s quick-paced technological environment. In light of the circumstances, we continue to place the security of customer data first.

Our experts use safe data destruction procedures that conform to General Data Protection Regulations. In addition, we employ a variety of data erasure techniques, the details of which are provided below:


This technique erases data from the storage devices using a strong magnetic field. For example, data from a hard disk is safely removed when exposed to a strong magnetic field. With this technique’s help, we can retrieve data from magnetic storage devices, including hard drives, floppy disks, magnetic and cartridge tapes, and reels.

When immediate data disposal is essential, our Secure Data Destruction Company utilizes degaussing. It securely and permanently deletes data from the storage medium. This technique allows us to delete data from large-volume storage.


Shredding is a safe, effective, and affordable way to permanently erase data from your devices. We employ this approach to erase particularly sensitive data because it shreds the entire device into unrecoverable bits. In addition, it is a safe way to dispose of hard drives that conceal any evidence of the customers’ data.

Discarded PCs, laptops, tablets, MacBooks, media cassettes, hard drives, solid-state drives, tablets, printed circuit boards, motherboards, etc., are shredded by IT Waste London using CPNI-approved shredders. Since the devices are cut down to 6mm as needed by the shredders, there is no trace of your data after shredding.

Our Data Shredding Options

We provide our clients with two Secure Data Destruction Methods. These are mentioned below.

Onsite Data Destruction

This kind of option is considered for businesses with severe data security issues. Such companies keep clear of the danger involved in moving their data-bearing devices to the destruction facilities to retain the highest level of security.

To conduct on-site destruction, they contact a licensed recycling business like Computer Waste London. On-site destruction is performed by technicians and specialists who arrive at your door with their destruction kits. Customers can see the whole procedure in this way.

Offsite Destruction

In order to do off-site destruction, IT recycling businesses must pick up clients’ equipment and transport it to their location, where they perform the shredding operation while following the GDPR and WEEE Directive. the subsequent actions are part of the shredding process;

  • Remove the host device’s hard drive
  • Verify serial numbers.
  • Creation of an equipment ownership chain.
  • Putting hard drives in shredders to be destroyed.
  • Shredding of waste goods and recycling.
  • Supplying evidence of verified data destruction.