Itam for Educational Institutes

Where there Computer Waste London is providing IT recycling services for many other sectors, it is also facilitating educational institutes which could be a big source of e-waste, if left unattended.

ITAM for Educational Institutes 

Where there Computer Waste London is providing IT recycling services for many other sectors, it is also facilitating educational institutes which could be a big source of e-waste, if left unattended.

In a bid to support the Zero-Waste Policy by every means, we as authorised IT recyclers, are covering all the sectors equally. 

There is no denying the fact that modern educational institutes have now become more dependent on the latest technology. It is a reality that the standard of the educational institutes is now being judged based on the technology they use to facilitate their, administration, faculty, and students. To modernaise their educational standards, most of the institutes in the UK provide their students with laptops, tablets, Apple phones, and Macbooks

Even the regulatory bodies provide free equipment for schools, colleges, and universities. 

Like any other item or thing, IT-related devices or equipment also have a life cycle or perhaps a comparatively shorter lifespan because the technology is updating at a faster pace. 

In such a situation it indeed becomes a big challenge for the sector to deal with the bulk of retired devices. However, consulting a reliable free IT recycling company weighs out the stress to a greater extent. 

Thus, seeing the challenges of the sector for disposing of old computers in a legalised way, we provide state-of-the-art IT recycling services nationwide, the detail of which is given as follows.  

How does our computer recycling work for the education sector?

It is as simple as you could think of. Approach us via any of our contact points – email, phone number, or by filling up our quotation form given on the website.

Our representative will respond to you at the earliest and guide you further about our services and packages. 

As educational institutes have a bulk of redundant equipment stock, therefore, we facilitate them by providing large onsite bins with partitions. The schools, colleges, and universities dispose of old computers in these bins. After the bins get filled, the school authorities will inform us and our service agent will bring them to our IT recycling centre while placing the empty ones in their place.    

The equipment collection duration for each institute varies – for instance, the ones with limited space can avail of the services on the regular basis. 

Why Choose our Computer Recycling for Schools?

There are the following reasons you should go for our computer recycling for schools. 

Secure: We understand that the security concern could be one of the biggest hindrances for educational institutes to hand over their equipment to recyclers. Therefore, we maintain data security on a priority basis.

Transparency of Service: 

 IT waste London sustains transparency of service; therefore, it invites the users to view the entire recycling and shredding process by themselves. Our trackable solutions and detailed reporting are all meant to maintain transparency of service to gain customers’ maximum trust in our services. 

Use of GPS-Tracked Solution: 

As a part of our data security measure, we use GPS-tracked vehicles to pick and drop the fragile school equipment. 

Even to provide in-house data destruction services, we use mobile shredders. From collection to disassembling and recycling – our every step follows GDPR, and this is what makes us the trustable choice for our customers. 

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